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Yigas Electronic Chemicals Guangdong Limited.

Yigas Electronic Chemicals Guangdong Limited. was established in 2016 and is a safety, environmental protection, and intensive comprehensive gas provider specializing in gas research and development, production, sales, and services. The company has high-level technology, sales, logistics, overall construction and project operation capabilities, providing gas production, gas storage, gas transportation, and pipeline gas supply solutions for hundreds of companies in different industries such as metallurgy, chemical, semiconductor, and new materials.

The company promises to establish a legal and standardized management system, create an open, just, and fair corporate culture atmosphere, and strive to provide employees with a work platform where they can fully utilize their talents, promote the common improvement of enterprise value and employee value, and achieve a win-win goal.

Adress:Room 406, 4th Floor, No. 8-2 Rongqi Avenue East, Desheng Community Residents' Committee, Ronggui Street Office, Shunde District, Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China.

Tele: 400-637-7517

Phone: 139-2320-4047(Lollan zhou,VP,Oversea Business)

Fax: 020-8279-7482

Email: lollan.zhou@yigas.cn

  • 400-637-7517
    Address:Dawanggang Industrial Zone, Xizhou, Xintang Town, Zengcheng, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
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